Romero of Clika One

romero of clika one

My name, Romero; Romero the New Mexico Lobo. I go by my last name because I am a family first guy and New Mexico Lobo because that is my home town. Like this people get an idea of who I really am and where I am from. I started from scratch, hustled hard, never gave up, provide for my family so I can show my son dreams can come true. My inspiration comes from hearing music that has meaning, dealing with the day to day struggles, trying to be a successful Artist and a good father to my son Alonzo.

What makes me different from everyone else is my versatility as I am a seasoned original Artist, with a fresh unique look and sound that is coming out for the first time. That real heart felt music, medicine for the soul is what I stylize. I first started rapping when I was 12 years old still in middle school, but I have been a fan of music ever since I could remember. I dibbled in the production too mostly all our early clika one records songs like "HIDE THE PAIN" I'm getting back to producing since alot of people seem to love that record.

I've chosen the music industry because of my Father and his legacy; he pushed me to pursue the music business professionally for my legacy and my sons. My music is for the Soul and Music that everyone can relate. Its my life on beats ...timeless music. I write my own lyrics as well as for others Artists in R&B and in Hip-Hop. My video is “Its all Hood”.

I have interests in music, family activities, traveling, and performing. My words of inspiration are "Hustle Hard and Never Give Up!"