Drop any real artist in any hood in the world and they should be able to produce good music. CaviRx (Formally Known As “Yung Cavi) and his music have no boundaries and have managed to take root in music libraries of any true fan of classic hip hop.

CaviRx grew up being influenced by old school and oldies artists and the fast paced urban culture of California. In his early teens he moved to Arizona and eventually settled in Yuma amongst his grandmother and godparents. Despite making frequent trips to California to visit his mom and dad CaviRx quickly managed to develop a strong foundation and network in Yuma, where he resides today.

Throughout his childhood and early teen years CaviRx found himself drawn to the music of Too Short, Bob Marley, and Jimi Hendrix and by business style mogul Russel Simmons . One evening he was listening to "Boyz in the Hood” by Eazy E and “Dopeman” by NWA and knew that rap music was his calling.

The late teen years brought the growth from a boy to a man not just in life and as an artist. CaviRx made his first investment in his love for achieving perfect sound and melodies when he purchased his first microphone and turntable set. He started recording tracks with his friends and didn't just develop an interest in producing and engineering. After spending years writing for and producing he accepted an offer to appear on a track with a friend. cavi logo Once CaviRx stepped into the booth to drop his verse he knew his true calling from the first word he let loose on the track.

From then on CaviRx focused his energies on his development as a rap artist. CaviRx developed his style into one that is a fusion of Pimp C, Curren$y, and Wiz Khalifa. He took cues on how to carry himself as an artist and as a businessman in the industry learning by observing not just his environment but that of his mentors. CaviRx lived by the mantra that through staying humble and hard work would make him a premier artist and a company/brand owner.

Since his start CaviRx has produced seven projects and sold 10,000 units not including downloads. He has appeared on Affiliated, Affiliated Pt 2, and many other mixtapes. CaviRx has appeared on the cover of Ink Magazine,Brown Pages and Bulletproof West Magazine and on Latin Rap Vol. 1. He was apart of Strong Arm and performed with them opening for NB Ridaz in front of multiple sold out crowds. CaviRx is featured in the documentary "Street Connect", projects with Clika One The Wanna Be's movie soundtrack, and with Notorious B. I. G. and Tupac on the "Unsolved Mysteries" compilation.

Currently he is hard at work on two upcoming projects. "Story Of My Life " is a collab album with O.G Playboy & Big Swiisha & "Yuma Legend" which is dedicated to Yuma his hometown and his supporters. Both projects are apart of StreetVibe Music . These projects and his previous ones are available on his website along with iTunes,Google Play, Amazon and all major online stores.

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