AZ Aktivity

az aktivity

Born in Yuma, AZ, 3 brothers with a love for music have taken their sound to the people. Ace Remedy, Shagg Siegel, & Zoney Zone bring a smooth laid bak sound with rapid rhymes and good delivery.

Starting off in 2006 with just an idea, AZ Aktivity dropped their first album "Telling it" in 2008. Additional albums followed as members came and went. Under it all the 3 brothers have kept their sound alive and plan on bringing it to you in the future.

Influenced by Bone Thugs In Harmony, Crucial Conflict, Play-N-Skillz, Digital Underground, & J. R. Rotem, these brothers are keeping it real and keeping it together. They've collarborated with Swishaboxx, CaviRX and other local artists on a collection of titles.

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